Welcome To Silver Spoons NY!

Welcome to Silver Spoons NY! We’re happy to provide the best decorations and dishware sets to create a look for every dinner party occasion you have. We are dedicated to finding the best products for your kitchen and home so that you not only have quality materials to last you for years to come but are proud to set them out when you do host a party.

For every occasion you host, you need unique dinnerware that will impress your guests, as well as compliment the delicious cuisine that sits atop them. You want the best dinnerware that’s appropriate and stylish. But what else do you need?

  • Table Linens - No dinner table is complete without a tablecloth, and every place setting should be set with placemats and napkins as well. With the right large tablecloth, your table will look perfect.
  • Drinking Glass Sets - Depending on the amount of guests you have, it can be difficult to find enough matching glasses for the entire table. Once you have a guest list, purchase enough unique drinking glasses from Silver Spoons NY so you have a perfect looking table setting that is complete.
  • Silver Flatware - A table setting is not complete without silverware. Make sure for every place at the table, there is a silver cutlery set for each guest to utilize.

If you’re getting ready to host a dinner party you know just how much work you have cut out for you. Be sure to have enough of everything, and that your modern dinnerware is ready to go once the day arrives. If you should find that your dishware sets are broken or outdated, take a look at the unique dinnerware that we have to offer here at Silver Spoons NY.